Terms and conditions

Conditions of Ponyweb

Article 1. Applicability
1.1. These conditions apply to all agreements Ponyweb, established in Wezep, hereinafter Ponyweb is entered. These conditions also apply to any contact between Ponyweb and client, regardless of which communication is being used
1.2. The order placed by the client is an acceptance of these conditions.
1.3. Deviations from these conditions are only binding if agreed in writing. Ponyweb In the absence of such a writing may be proved. Parties by any means
1.4. Ponyweb only accepts the terms and conditions of third parties if and to the extent Ponyweb (parts of) these conditions explicitly, therefore, accepted in relation to a particular contract. Exclusively in writing,
1.5. Acceptance referred to in paragraph 4. Always once and does not apply to the following transactions with that third party.
1.6. Client is in these conditions means any consumer, any natural person, any legal entity that enters into an agreement with Ponyweb.
1.7. Under article in this Agreement means all products, items and goods that are the subject of an agreement between the client and Ponyweb be and by or through Ponyweb can be sold and delivered.

Article 2. Offers
2.1. All offers are without obligation unless expressly stated otherwise. Quoted prices are ex warehouse Ponyweb.eu, therefore excluding shipping and are exclusive of VAT and packing.
2.2. To a client in person and in writing delivered prices and product Ponyweb.eu then bind only if it is expressly stated in the offer and for up to 14 days.
2.3. All prices and product issued incidentally, as in the shop and in brochures and catalogs are constantly changing and therefore bind Ponyweb.eu only if they are confirmed by contract by Ponyweb.eu.
2.4. All other information provided by Ponyweb.eu, such as drawings, images, etc. are printed in good faith and as accurately and completely as possible provided.

Article 3. Agreement
3.1 Agreements with Ponyweb.eu are not binding until they have been confirmed. Ponyweb.eu
3.2. Ponyweb.eu has the right to rescind if in the opinion of Ponyweb.eu client does not appear to be creditworthy the agreement.
3.3 Ponyweb.eu furthermore has the right to refuse an order or application or to bind. Supply to certain conditions Persons without a permanent place of residence is not provided.

Article 4. Prices
4.1. All agreements are subject to the prices prevailing at the time the agreements were entered into
4.2. Price lists and advertising are not binding Ponyweb.eu because they can change constantly.
4.3. For the price of services is that Ponyweb.eu has the right to increase interim increases in salaries, social security and other government charges. The agreed price after the conclusion of the agreement
4.4. Ponyweb.eu prices of items can only increase after the contract is concluded if this is the result of measures imposed by the government. In that case, the client has the right to refrain from the purchase.

Article 5. Supplies
5.1. Delivery periods by Ponyweb.eu are given to the best estimates. Ponyweb.eu should carefully make efforts to realize. The delivery periods Delivery should at least take place. Within forty days If the delivery either by (temporarily) out of stock, or for other reasons, delayed, or if an order can not be delivered, only partially principal thereof within one month after placing the order. Client in that case have the right to cancel the contract. No cost If delivery of an item is no longer possible Ponyweb.eu, in consultation with the client, endeavor to supply a replacement. Article
5.2 Delivery will take place no earlier than after full payment has been made.
5.3. Shipping of items is done in a manner to be specified by Ponyweb.eu. The additional costs of a desired client another method of transportation shall be borne by the client.
5.4. The place of delivery is the residential address of the client that was last made known to Ponyweb.eu unless otherwise agreed.
5.5. The risk of damage and / or loss of items until the time of delivery to Ponyweb.eu, unless otherwise expressly agreed.

Article 6. Changes
6.1. The additional costs of changes required by the client in a contract shall be borne by the client.
6.2. Any changes should be made in writing to be passed. Ponyweb.eu to
6.3. Changes can change the delivery.

Article 7. Cancellation and Returns
7.1. The Client has the right to cancel within seven days. The order in writing or by e-mail (to [email protected]) In the event that Ponyweb.eu has already sent the item in this period, the cost of transmission is always borne by the client.
7.2. Client furthermore has the right products delivered with sufficient postage within twenty days after delivery to send back. In addition, the client can indicate whether they wish to exchange or that they wish to receive. Return the purchase price of the items Under purchase price is only the price of the item understood and therefore not pay any other costs (shipping, packaging, etc.).

Article 8. Reimbursement
8.1. Ponyweb.eu will be necessary to the client to be paid not later than forty days after the indebtedness is determined and approved by Ponyweb.eu pay back.

Article 9. Advertising
9.1. Customer must inspect the delivered goods. Carefully when delivery Any defects must be reported to Ponyweb.eu. Within ten days from the date of delivery in writing or by telephone If this is not done the client is deemed to consent to the state in which the product is delivered.
9.2. Ponyweb.eu will assess the complaint within fourteen days of receipt of a complaint and check.

Article 10. Guarantee
10.1. For a further over coming Ponyweb.eu provides a warranty for materials and workmanship that occur during normal use.
10.2. The guarantee does not apply if the errors are the result of improper and / or negligent use. The warranty also does not apply to causes other than defects in material and workmanship. Further, the warranty does not apply if the agreement is the purchase and sale of used items concerned. Warranty is not provided on wages and hours worked, they are charged.
10.3. The warranty Ponyweb.eu never goes above the guarantee provided by the manufacturer.

Article 11. Liability
11.1. Ponyweb.eu is not liable for costs, damages and interest, directly or indirectly caused by: acts of God, acts or omissions of the customer or his subordinates or by prescribed persons or bodies work, negligence of client in maintaining the article, regular client wear and tear by use, for example, discoloration caused by exposure to light, any other cause coming from the outside.
11.2. Ponyweb.eu is only liable up to the invoice value, for damage to the work, fittings, equipment, and / or to the property of the client or third party insofar as such damage was caused by the fault of Ponyweb.eu or its employees, or by work to Third Parties. Ponyweb.eu
11.3. The liability for any damage whatsoever will be limited to the maximum amount covered by the insurance of Ponyweb.eu.
11.4. Ponyweb.eu is not liable for indirect, company and / or consequential damages.

Article 12. Retention
12.1. All items delivered goods or goods remain the property of Ponyweb.eu until full payment has been made. Ponyweb.eu can recover supplied to them when the client fails to pay.
12.2. The client is not allowed to transfer to third parties or otherwise in the decision power of third parties to bring until full payment has not been made. The power to dispose of the delivered

Article 13. Dissolution
13.1. Each party has the right to terminate or suspend in case of default by the other party.
13.2. Ponyweb.eu further has the right to terminate if the client is declared bankrupt, its bankruptcy is filed, if the client moratorium has applied for or obtained his goods taken his company in liquidation is consuming the agreement resigned or been taken over by a third party or ends show the intention of the client to the country where he lives to leave. In all these cases, all claims of Ponyweb.eu on client immediately due and payable.

Article 14. Payment
14.1. Payment of items should always be made. Before or at delivery
14.2. Ponyweb.eu is entitled after the expiration direct interest, namely to report on the amounts due. 2% per month will be
14.4 Ponyweb.eu is also entitled to all costs of collection, including extrajudicial, from client to recover.

Article 15. Applicable Law and Disputes
15.1. All agreements and transactions Ponyweb.eu only Dutch law applies.

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8091 PD Wezep
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